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This website (“website”, “site”) ( is the property of Manterfield Drilling Limited. The website and any related services offered are operated and managed by Manterfield Drilling Limited, certain services may be subcontracted to other companies.В  Any Companies mentioned within the website content are either clients or sub-contractors but are not directly linked to Manterfield Drilling Limited, unless stated.

Legal Agreement
Please read the Terms and Conditions regarding our website ( These Terms and Conditions relate to the general use of our website. By using our website, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions whether as a guest or employee. By using our site you are indicating that you accept these terms and agree to abide by them. As the owners of the website we hold the right to amend of create changes to our Terms and Conditions, all revisions will be posted to this site. We recommend that you read these Terms and Conditions prior to using our site and regularly review any changes, as you are responsible for doing so. References to services which have been provided or are offered does not amount to a promise that the service in questions will be available at any given time.

Use of the following termsВ “our” , “ourselves” , “us” , “we”В relate to Manterfield Drilling Limited and any subsidiary companies. The termsВ “your” , “you” , “yourselves”В В relate to the user of our website. “Content” refers to the images and text in the website.

Use Of Our Website
When entering required information in sections of this site, you agree to provide us with accurate and truthful details both relating to you and any concerned parties. Without these accurate and truthful details it may not be possible for us to provide you with the service you require. If there are any change of circumstances you must notify us immediately of these changes, failure to do so may differ the services that we can provide for you.
You Agree To:-

  • Provide ourselves with accurate and truthful details .
  • Authorise Manterfield Drilling Limited with a royalty-free license to any data received via or in referral to the Website, in any way as we see fit unless previously agreed in physical or virtual writing between our Managing Director and yourselves.

Your Agree Not Too:-

  • Attempt or succeed in modifying or damaging any aspects of this Website, unless previously authorised by the current Managing Director.
  • Distribute or make available any data that relates to ourselves or our Website.
  • Mislead ourselves with false information, that may be used against us in the future.
  • Disrupt or interfere with the running of the website and services.
  • Use our website to threaten, abuse or violate the rights of any other human being.
  • Disclose any security details (usernames, passwords, File Transfer Protocol accounts, email accounts) to anyone outside of the employment of Manterfield Drilling Limited.

Manterfield Drilling Limited owns the copyrights to all content that is published on our website, either by ourselves or other sources, unless stated within the content or metadata of the website. You may use the website content for your own personal use. Usage by any form of company will be classed as a copyright violation, unless prior permission has been granted in writing by the managing director and terms agreed. It is strictly prohibited for any third party to distribute the use of any of our content, unless for the purpose of acquiring sales in favour of Manterfield Drilling. Content from this website cannot be used in conjunction with any type of news or blog service, or in any way that can discredit Manterfield Drilling Limited and it’s employees.

Manterfield Drilling Limited take every step towards ensuring that the content published by ourselves on our website is truthful and accurate, but we cannot be held liable for any errors within the content. You must not solely rely on the publish content, we advise that you take steps towards verifying the content, before you act upon that content. We have the right to change content and our Terms & Conditions at any time, it is your responsibility to check for updates.

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