Gas Connections

We provide new gas connections to properties of all sizes, from single service outlets right up to large scale high rise flatted properties. Our customers come from a wide range of backgrounds from private individuals to corporations and network owners. We ensure that the entire process is correctly managed, efficient, reliable, safe, cost-effective and above all of the highest quality. From the quotation phase to the installation phase we ensure that our customers have a single point of contact, so that you have clear channels of communication.. Aside from creating a new gas supply we can provide you with the following services gas meter fitting, gas disconnections, outlet pipework and reinstatement. Meaning that we can cater for all of your project's needs.

New Gas Connections

No gas industry related project is one in the same, customer requirements and property types create unique projects every day. We offer our customers a wide range of gas connection solutions so that we can provide you with a bespoke solution that satisfies all of your needs. To satisfy these needs our operatives and management team will plan the project around you, from the planning phase right up to the installation and closure phase. Our operatives are fully qualified and are certified to install all sizes of gas mains, including all pressure types.

Upgrading A Gas Supply

Gas supplies can be become outdated or may no longer provide you with your load requirements, realising this is the first step to to resolving this issue. We can accurately evaluate your present and future gas load requirements and analyse the capacity of the local gas infrastructure to provide you with a tailored solution. In most cases the supply will need to be upsized, which will require an increase in the pipe diameter and gas meter size, all of this can be done without interrupting your existing gas supply.

Directional Drilling

In recent years decreasing costs and improving sustainability has become increasing important. We specialise in trenchless technologies, in this case directional drilling, these methods reduce the costs and the time frames associated the project. This opens up a variety of possibilities and options, that traditional methods would not of. Directional drilling is possible in the majority of projects, dependant upon ground conditions.

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How Can We Benefit You?

We can benefit you in a variety of ways:

Free Quotations For New Gas Connections
Competitive Cost Without Sacrificing On Quality
A Single Point Of Contact To Improve Communication
Fully Safety Accredited Operatives
Experienced Project Managers

UK Services

We operate throughout the UK offering a wide variety of high quality services, operating from our main depot in South Yorkshire. Our services include :-

Why Choose Us?

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    One company for all your needs! We can provide you with all the services you need to undertake any gas project.

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    We control our costs to help reduce yours, without sacrificing on service quality.

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    Bespoke engineering to fulfill your needs and improving your experience with us.

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    A high level of customer care, by providing you with a single point of contact for all of your enquiries.