Directional Drilling

directional drilling directional drillingWe  are one of the leaders within the UK Directional Drilling industry. Our new Ditch Witch JT30 allows us to install new pipelines, of lengths up to 500m which can be installed in one single operation. We are not limited to gas main installations, work can be carried out for all utility types including pipeline and ducting installation. Directional Drilling reduces the costs associated with traditional methods and time frames including waste materials and helps to aid sustainability. This method is also suitable for operations that require taking specific routes, that trenching options wouldn't be suitable for, although this method is dependant upon preferred ground conditions.

Why Does It Reduce Costs, Timeframes?

Traditional methods require trenches being excavated which takes a considerable amount of time and expenses. Directional drilling requires smaller and fewer open trenches.

Directional Drilling Services

Below is an example of the directional drilling services we can provide to the utility and drainage industry.

  • Pipeline installations
  • HV cable duct installations
  • Cable installations
  • Telecommunication / Fibre Optic installations
  • Motorway and Carriageway crossings
  • Railway crossings
  • River Crossings
  • New Gas Connections Using Directional Drilling as the Lay Method
  • Drilling under protected areas
  • Active runway/ taxiway crossings
  • Deep drainage installations




The Method

Directional Drilling is a guided trenchless technology which starts with a pilot borehole being drilled along a predetermined route. The original borehole is then enlarged through a process called "reaming" creating a sufficient borehole capable of receiving the incoming pipe, ducting, cable ETC.

This method produces :-

  • No disruption to road, river or rail traffic
  • Results that aren't achievable by any other lay methods
  • Environmentally-friendly projects
  • Reduced timeframes






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UK Services

We operate throughout the UK offering a wide variety of high quality services, operating from our main depot in South Yorkshire. Our services include :-

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