The Ups of The Gas Industry

Project Type

New Gas Connection
Gas Meter Fitting
Project Management

The Client

Luton Borough Council

Methods Used

Meter Fittings Supported by Platform Lifts
Open Trench

Technical Data

341 Flats, 15 Floors, 3 High Rise Tower Blocks
2" Steel Risers
341 Meters

Project description

We were required to supply 341 flats, on 15 floors based within 3 high rise tower blocks, with their own meters. This enabled each owner to have their own personal gas supply. The design for mains connections to the building was carried out by Fulcrum, the designs for the steel risers and meter installations were created by G H Preston LimitedThe on site project management and supervision was carried out by ourselves.

A new gas connection from the local low pressure gas main was created using 90mm PE pipe which led to a 63mm valve that fed the 2” steel risers. The gas was taken up through the 2” steel risers that went into 3/4” steel feeds so the meters could be supplied with gas.

The height of the tower blocks created the issue of how we were going erect the risers safely but effectively. We decided to use Platform Lifts so that our operatives had the room to move and carry out the work within the confines of a safe environment.