Health & Safety

At MDL we make health and safety our top priority and value the wellbeing of our employee's and the citizens affected by our site operations. It is our responsibility to make sure the concerned parties are taken into account during the planning phase of the project and that further actions are taken to mitigate the causes of possible accidents in the workplace during live operations.

We do this by taking into account a wide variety of factors that can cause such incidents. Environmental, procedural, competency, engineering and PPE (personal protective equipment) factors influence heavily upon our health and safety plans, including the way in which our operatives carry out a project.

  • Environmental - Our main concern is guarding the open excavations to create a safe site works for all concerned parties, we do this by erecting a uniformed barrier system. Maintaining a clean and tidy site works reduces the possibility of trip hazards for site operatives and citizens located around the site works. Certain projects will require the closure of footpaths, lanes, roads if not planned for can create health and safety concerns. We take every precaution to reduce these concerns by providing the local population with traffic management schemes and alternative path routes. There are always risks to local water supplies and wildlife due to the nature of the works, this is something we take very seriously and take every precaution to mitigate.

  • Procedural - Procedures have to be in place before any site operations can begin, these procedures allow us to maintain control and a reasonable level of health and safety from the top down. Site operatives must obtain permits to work, method statements, specific risk assessments (carried out daily) before any work can commence. Once these have been obtained site operatives can then enter the site works and with the use of CAT & Genny surveys they may then proceed to carry out the project.

  • Workforce Competency - All of our operatives are fully competent and carry all necessary qualifications to carry out all gas related projects. Ensuring this means that we can carry out operations correctly and safely, this has been proven to be a main factor in mitigating a wide variety of health and safety concerns.

  • Engineering - The nature of our projects and the way that we carry them out, requires the use of plant and a range of tools (including fire extinguishers and breathing apparatus). These have to be regularly checked for their reliability, safety and condition which allows us to guarantee that they are fit for use.

  • PPE - Personal protective equipment is an invaluable and crucial asset in the protection of our operatives. Every operative is provided with a full PPE kit to maintain their safety during site works. All PPE is checked before work commences each day so that we can improve the safety of our operatives. The typical PPE kit includes probanised overalls, hi visibility vests, hard hats, safety boots, gloves, safety glasses, ear defenders and breathing apparatus.