Corporate Social Responsibility

MDL recognise that being a successful and sustainable company in today’s business world, we need to do far more than deliver our high quality services to you. We carry out work all over the UK in high and low populated areas which means our operations can have a massive impact on the local population unless we take social concerns into account and act responsibly towards them.

Social responsibility doesn’t just start when our operatives start a new project; it starts in the planning stages. Planning for social concerns means that we can minimise our impact on the local population. During projects we setup local depots to reduce fuel consumptions, carbon emissions and wear and tear on our vehicles from our headquarters in Yorkshire.

During our projects we realise that the nature of our work can be dangerous not only to our operatives, but for the local population that use the roads and pathways. We take every available precautions to maximise safety around the project area.

If you have any other queries regarding our CSR please contact us via email.